Hiking Mt. Anderson in Yukon, Canada

The hiking trail on Mt. Anderson is a relatively new one added to the long list of hikes in the Yukon. It is an easy day hike enjoyable in summer & fall and a great destination for backcountry snow sports in the winter.

View from the Summit of Mt. Anderson
TypeOut & Back
Distance13.8 kms
Elevation Gain867 mts
Elevation1712 mts
Mt. Anderson Hike Stats

The trail near the summit overlooks the Annie Lake road and the views from there are incredible. It is definitely worth the hike and is one of the better hiking trails in Yukon for breathtaking views and also for other activities like trail running, ATVs and biking.

The trail begins at the foot of the mountain in a dense forest. But, the trail itself is quite wide & open, during the first kilometer, when the ascent is gradual.

Trail is very wide initially and well groomed

After about 0.8 kms, the trail forks into two paths – one on the left, takes you to the summit of the Tally Ho mountain and the one to the right will take you to the Mt. Anderson summit. As you continue on the right fork, it will meander around the south side of the mountain in clockwise direction. It will finally begin to get steep as you are directly to the south of the mountain.

A small stream flowing down the trail
Walking the circumference of the mountain to reach on the south side

From here, as you start gaining elevation, more views open up. Straight ahead, you will be able to see the trail leading up to the summit as shown in the image below. It may get windy any time of the day, hence it is wise to come prepared for any weather.

Summit and the avalanche radar are visible from here, along with the entire trail leading up to it

Just below the summit, it starts to plateau out. It is one of those peaks that has a large summit area to explore views in different directions. Towards the north, down in the valley, runs the Wheaton river in the east-west direction and parallel to it the Annie Lake Road.

View towards the North West from just below the summit

The weather radar is just a few feet below the summit. There is a rock cairn with a pole marking the true summit. If you continue for another five minutes from the summit, you will reach a beautiful spot to take a break, and have a bite with a view of the valley, and Mt. Tally Ho & Mt. Gilliam in the distance.

Mt. Anderson Summit

This is an out & back trail – you can trace back the same route back to the trailhead.

Mt. Anderson would also be a great destination in the winter for skiing/snowboarding.

Is there a better place than this (Mt. Gilliam is in the far center), to view the world upside down?

Driving Directions

The Mt. Anderson trail can be reached by accessing the rough Annie Lake road. Even though the road is wide and well maintained at the beginning, a FWD/AWD would be better for navigating here. We saw some smaller sedans driving here, but it may get tricky in wet conditions.

It is about an hour and a half drive from Whitehorse because of slow going on the Annie Lake road.

Click on the link below the image to open navigation on Google Maps in a new window.


Have a great hiking season this year and see you in the mountains!

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