Grey Mountain Hike

View of the Yukon River and Mt. Lorne from Grey Mountain

If you’ve been to Whitehorse, you must have seen the Grey Mountain, prominent over the city. It is even visible from the downtown riverfront. The one with a big communication tower near the Summit is the Grey Mountain.

Hiking in winter/early spring begins well before the actual trailhead
View from the Grey Mountain… and that is the Yukon River

It is one of the closest hikes from the town. You can actually bike to the trailhead, which in itself is an adventure.

TypeOut & Back
Distance5.3 kms
Elevation Gain250 mts
Elevation1495 mts
Trail Stats
Hiking begins before the trailhead in Winter-Spring
Scary looking trees right outta horror movie 😜

This hike is doable throughout the year. During the summer months, from May-Sep, you can drive all the way to the towers which is the actual trailhead. In winters, you will have to hike up to the towers from the parking lot at the base of the mountain, which may add another 5-7 kms depending on the snow cover and how much further up you can drive.

Beauty of hiking in early spring…

When you reach the trailhead, adjacent to the towers, there is a small trail leading north. You’ll also see a wooden mark ‘Grey Mountain Summit Trail’. If you follow along this trail, you’ll reach the summit in about 2.5 kms. The summit is usually marked with a rock cairn.

No captions needed…
Communication tower by the trailhead

From here, you can continue further to the second and third summits. These summits are lower in elevation compared to the first, but offers better views of the city below.

Rock cairns will help you navigate to the summits
Hiking or modeling?
A perfectly clear sunny day 😇

In the winter months, this is also an ideal trail for Snowshoeing and front country skiing/snow boarding.

Content with the weather!
It can get tricky when hiking in the Spring snow

Driving Directions

Grey Mountain is the closest hike from downtown Whitehorse. You can see the mountain from the town. Given its close proximity, people often to do this hike after work as well. Hence, it can be a busy on any day of the week.

You will need either a 4WD or an AWD vehicle if you want to drive all the way up to the tower. After the parking lot at the base, it is considered off-road driving.

The link above will open Google maps in a new tab.

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