M’Clintock Hike in Whitehorse, Yukon

M’Clintock hike is a very short hiking trail, just outside Whitehorse. But, don’t let the distance fool you. It is short, but very steep. Hence, it is an ideal trail for running and training.

View from just above the trailhead parking
You can see the trailhead with a couple of cars parked
TypeOut & Back
Distance2 kms
Elevation Gain210 mts
Trail Stats

M’Clintock hike is a nice half day hike with panoramic views of the Marsh Lake and the starting point of the Yukon River.

Views of Marsh Lake

Despite of its short distance, this is a moderately rated hike due to the elevation gain. From the parking, you’ll begin to gain serious elevation right away. The initial half of the trail is pretty steep and it gains about 75% of the total elevation in that distance. After climbing this section, you’ll reach the first viewing platform.

Alaska Highway and Mt. Lorne in the distance
Near the 1st viewing platform
The trail disappears at this point and a little bit of scrambling awaits

From here, the trail kinda disappears. You’ll have to bushwhack and find your own way. There’s also a small rock scrambling section which will take you to the second lookout point.

Finding our own route up
This is the rock face you need to scramble up to reach the upper view point

At the bottom of the rock face… about to start scrambling
Views from the second viewing platform

After a small break and a hot tea, you can follow the same path back to the trailhead.

Marsh Lake & Alaska Highway

Driving Directions

M’Clintock trail is located on the Alaska Highway, south of Whitehorse. It is opposite to the point where the Yukon River initiates from the Marsh Lake. It is 40 kms from Whitehorse and will take you about 30 mins to reach there.

If you’re hiking here in the Spring, there is a Swan Haven Interpretive Centre nearby, which is a terrific place to stop by and gaze at the Tundra Swans and the Trumpeter Swans on their migratory path north. Don’t forget your binoculars!

More Pictures

Crocuses mark the beginning of Spring

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