Paint Mountain Hike near Kluane National Park, Yukon

Note: Paint Mountain is not within the boundaries of the Kluane National Park.

View of the Pine Lake from Paint Mountain

Paint mountain is a massive rock face just outside Haines Junction – the gateway to the Kluane National Park. It has fantastic views of Pine Lake and the Kluane front ranges.

TypeOut & Back
Distance4.3 kms
Elevation Gain704 mts
Elevation1284 mts
Trail Stats

Near the trailhead of Paint Mountain hike
The trail is steep the entire way up

The Paint Mountain trail may be a short one, but don’t let that fool you. It is rated as difficult due to its very steep ascent; gaining 700 mts elevation in a short 2.4 kms.

There are lots of viewpoints along the way to the summit
View of the Pine Lake from one of the many viewpoints along the trail

The trail begins from the Cul-de-sac at the end of Pine Lake Road and within no time, it gets steep. Be prepared to feel like a mountain goat.

Large yellow cables will guide you to the summit

After you climb the first rocky face, there is a short gradual section. Here, the large yellow cables will merge on your trail. Were they the cables or the pipes? Aah, my old mind!

Dreamy skies…
Some fun & posing along the way up 😛
The Alaksa Highway

There is a good resting spot about half way up with a panoramic view of Alaska Highway and the Pine Lake at the bottom and Kluane National Park’s front range in the west.

View of the Kluane Mountains’ front range
We’ve climbed up a long way in a short amount of time

The remaining section to the top is not as steep as the first section, but there is still some climbing left to be done.

View from the summit of Paint Mountain
Are they a team of hikers or a team of researchers?

Before long, a white painted house like structure will appear in front of you, which is the summit. On the left of this structure, is an outhouse and a helipad (from the looks of it), though it seems too small & dilapidated for any chopper to land on it.

Coming down the same route

You can explore the summit region and extend your hiking trip further if you have more time or head back down the same way you came up.

Vlog on hiking the Paint Mountain

Driving Directions

The Paint Mountain Hike is located about 150 kms, a 1.5 hour drive, from Whitehorse. Click on the image below to open driving directions on google maps.

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