Point Pelee National Park – Southern tip of mainland Canada

Interesting trivia

  • Point Pelee National Park is the second smallest national park in Canada at 15 sq. kms.
  • It is the southernmost tip of mainland Canada
  • This national park is the most ecologically diverse national parks in Canada
Delaurier Homestead

Point Pelee NP can be explored in a day. But, if you want to see everything and experience various activities in the park, I would recommend you to spend two days there.

There are some camping options nearby (about 30 km from the park) in Wheatley Provincial Park. I can highly recommend this campground based on my personal experience. For those who are looking for a more relaxing stay, there are many hotels to choose from in a small town of Leamington (15 km from the park).

On some nights throughout the year, stargazing events are scheduled inside the park. More information on stargazing events can be found at this link – Dark Sky Nights. We visited the park on one of this Dark Sky nights and it was even more special because it was the first time on this night that I saw the International Space Station fly over us (sweet coincidence).

The (southern) tip of Canada

Things to see & do in the park

  • Explore the history of the region at Delaurier Homestead
  • Hike the easy Marsh Boardwalk
  • Canoeing in the National Park
  • Dark Sky Events – A night of stargazing
  • Visit the southernmost point of mainland Canada – The Tip
  • Find Monarch Butterfly making Point Pelee NP their home for a few days in August
Marsh Boardwalk Trail


Point Pelee NP is about 350 km from Toronto and the best way to get there is to drive. For more information on how to get here, please refer to Getting Here page.


Trying to spot something…
Canoeing in the marsh land
Dense marsh lands
Lake Erie
Wildlife spotting
Marsh Boardwalk View Point
42nd parallel mark

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